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PT. Trimitra Bangun Karyatama cooperates with BULK in the sale of GRP Instrument ENCLOSURE & SUNSHADE products. We are officially appointed as an Authorized Agent GRP Instrument ENCLOSURE & SUNSHADE BULK Indonesia.

BULK GRP instrument enclosure and sunshades are used in the protection of Field instrument, Electronic component, Sensor, Actuator control panel, and Pump. The GRP (Glassfibre Reinforced Polyester), is a type of reinforced plastic with glass fibre. From its first applications in the 50s to today, this particular plastic has been continuously developed and refined both in the composite and in the processing methods. Given the large and constantly increasing number of plants built in extreme environmental conditions areas. By supplying these boxes also in pre-assembled form BULK GRP instrument enclosure and sunshades freed Customers from having to cope with the problems arising from assembly in the field.

Unique composition and production, hot moulded GRP guarantees:

  • High resistance to a wide range of acids, solvents and chlorides
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Thermal and electrical insulation
  • Excellent weight/mechanical resistance
  • No maintenance and absence of oxidation
  • Ease of repair


  • GRP Instruments enclosure suitable for 1,2,3 instruments
  • Full range of accessories available
  • Suitable for ambient temperature from -60°C to +100°C
  • Fully tested for all ambient conditions
  • Certified ATEX, PED, EAC, CU TR
  • Technical support in all phase


  • Engineering support during quotation
  • Full installation of instruments and accessories into the enclosure
  • Special and customized products readily available


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